Vision Boards – Powerful and Simplified

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I am all about setting goals and developing plans to make them happen. My own personal strategic plan for 2013 is 41 pages long. OK – perhaps a bit overboard, but all set up in a nice binder, organized with tabs for each category – I love it and it’s already working beautifully.

What I have never been, however, is a vision board kind of gal. I’ve always thought they were difficult to create. Gathering all of the supplies – cardboard (big enough to hold all my dreams, but not too big that I couldn’t keep it someplace where I could see it), glue (messy), magazines (enough of them to make sure that all of my dreams were covered) – then taking the time to dig through all of those magazines, hoping to find great, representative pictures, and arranging them in an attractive way – when I don’t feel that I am a very visually-artistic person to begin with. It just never felt like my “thing”.

Until this year.

This year, I wanted a visual representation to go with my personal strategic plan. I’ve been reading (actually re-reading for the third time) Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles and have been determined to implement as many of the principles as possible into my professional and personal life. There it was – Principle 11, page 88 – “Vision Boards and Goal Books Made Their Dreams Come True”. I had the goal book. Time to make the vision board. My way.

The “Connie Whitesell” Vision Board Process:

Supplies needed:

One framed bulletin board (Much more attractive and long-lasting than cardboard and easily obtainable from any office supply store)
A set of attractive thumbtacks (more versatile than tape or glue)
A computer with Internet access
A color printer loaded with high-quality paper

Time required:

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“Life with Coach” Survey Results

The 2012 “Life with Coach” survey results are now available!

While there may not have been many surprises in the overall responses (life is better when the team wins and worse when it loses!), the true heart of this survey was in the meaningful and beautifully expressed feelings and generous guidance offered in response to the open-ended questions.

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What a Difference a Year Makes –

It was one year ago yesterday that my husband was fired from his head men’s basketball coaching job.

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Join Me at the Final Four/NABC Convention in New Orleans, March 30, 2012!

Are you a basketball coach’s spouse/significant other attending the Final Four in New Orleans this year?

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What is Your Personal Power Song?

Last night, I became completely sidetracked by this question while listening to an audio class by one of my favorite inspirational authors and coaches,

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“Life with Coach” Survey Winners!

The “Life with Coach” Survey is officially closed and I am pleased to report that close to 70 coaches’ spouses and partners participated and provided their heartfelt responses.

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“Life with Coach” Survey

Calling All Athletic Coaches’ Spouses/Significant Others/Partners!

Please give a fellow coach’s wife a hand!

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5 Ways for Coaches’ Wives to Thrive In a New Town During Basketball Season

Here we go!

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Interesting Article about Employer Support for “Trailing” Spouses –

This article was provided in the November, 2011 issue of HR Magazine.

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My Sign

I received absolute confirmation this weekend that we are on the right path with Jim’s new coaching job and our move to St. Louis.

For some reason, since moving to St. Louis a month and a half ago (yea!! I finally did make it), I’ve found a passion for hiking.

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