Coach’s Partner Testimonials

What Connie’s Coaching Clients* Have to Say:

“Since the beginning of Connie and I working together it was an automatic connection. She is a great listener and allows me to govern the way the call is going to unfold. She is fantastic at helping me to center and ground myself through a visualization exercises. She does not push me to do too much, but actually encourages me to be easier and gentle on myself. For each and every call we had I have felt heard, appreciated and validated. She truly has a gift and I hope she continues to share that with the world.”

- Erica Costea, Health Services Professional

“I am very grateful for my time with Connie. She was awesome at supporting my ideas and goals without judgment. She did a wonderful job of helping me see all perspectives and while always being positive, she didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. Connie helped me begin the journey of some difficult work within myself to figure out what I wanted in life. She is a wonderful person and has found her calling in helping others reach whatever goals they may have!”

- Andrea Pruismann, Financial Associate, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

“Connie did such a tremendous job helping me throughout this twelve week process. The entire time she was so giving, patient, helpful and uplifting. Every single time I got off of the phone with her I felt so motivated and so much better about myself and the job I was doing. The best way to describe it, is that whenever I would hang up the phone I felt like I could breathe again. She truly gave me such a priceless gift and I will forever be grateful!

Connie has such a smart and graceful way of handling herself and it comes through in her coaching, too. She knows exactly how to guide and motivate me in such a graceful way. Plus, every week she was so knowledgeable, so prepared and professional , but in a warm, caring way. It is only natural to feel safe and trusting when she is coaching because I always felt that she had my best interest at heart and I appreciate all of her guidance and support!”

- Shawn Baldwin, Coach’s Wife, Mother of Four, Independent Stylist with Stella and Dot (Check her GORGEOUS jewelry out:

“Connie is very professional. I have and will recommend her to colleagues. She showed a good grasp of questions to get me thinking even though she has no formal background in my business. Connie provided the right amount of encouragement and push to help me move forward.”

- Jeff Olinger, Former Men’s College Basketball Coach, Financial Consultant, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

“Connie Whitesell has truly transformed my busy, almost scattered mind and intention into a finely honed stream of light that feels organized and powerful. Through Connie I’ve learned how to take many different desires of my heart and move them forward one step at a time and the results are fantastic!

Just one example is the recent Prodigal Son Gospel Brunch that we created and performed at the end of November. This started out as just a thought or idea that, with the help of Connie’s focus and guidance through coaching, became the reality of a truly successful event. Even more inspiring and enlightening opportunities are on the horizon!

If you are looking to tap into your true birthright self and move from functioning to OPTIMUM then please contact Connie and begin a dialog with her!!!”

- Brad Nye, singer, songwriter, musician, founder and voice of inspiration for the Western Philosophers and Dick Holliday and the Bamboo Gang bands. Check out samples of Brad’s beautiful music here:!)

“I am forever grateful for having Connie as a coach. I have always felt like she truly cares about me and my life. Connie does more than just ask the right questions and listen. She challenges me, reminds me of my goals and strengths, and helps me be the best I can be. Connie is simply an awesome coach. I am blessed to have her.”

- Alex Theis, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Network Marketing Firm, Entrepreneur and Business Coach,

Thank you Connie for your great coaching, your excellent listening skills and for helping me to build my confidence. Communicating with you was light, easy and smooth. Thank you, too, for your fantastic coaching call summaries which helped me to take the relevant actions.

- Jeanne H., Switzerland

“I’m not the first person to ask for help. That being said I needed it and I knew it, I contacted Connie after hearing her speak in front of a group of colleagues and knew at that point I could improve myself by working with her. Nothing complicated or difficult, Connie talked me through more efficient approaches to things that I had to do to be successful in my industry. Of course some of the most valuable insights carried over into the things most important to me…my family!”

- Derek Sargent, Financial Associate, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

*As offered through Connie’s business coaching and HR consulting practice, PW Associates, Inc., and through Coach’s Partner.

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